We build, we repair, we rehabilitate...
We have contributed to improve the quality and durability of many buildings of our clients. We will continue to build, repair and rehabilitate always in the pursuit of continuous improvement, ensuring every customer our full professionalism and our dedication in the construction or repair / rehabilitation of their homes, meeting their desires and expectations.
Enjoy your home with CR PRO.
What they say about us
" in a rating of 1 to 10, I give 10.
"Although I knew some firms in the civil construction area and even I worked with some in October 2018, I was on facebook, and I noticed a site that said CRPRO houses construction and repair...
I contacted CRPRO, who answered me. We scheduled a meeting, I explained what I wanted, already with the architect Mafalda's project.
They gave me the work book, very well prepared.
Of course, I already had some budgets, this being the last. Although it was not the cheapest, but it was the one that mirrored better and gave me assurances of being well served.
I was not mistaken, because although I did not know Eng. Vitor and Eng. Adriana, as well as any work done by them, I went ahead with the contract and trusted them with the complete renovation of the villa interior.
Undoubtedly, CRPRO has good professionals in all its aspects, fulfills deadlines, performs quality work, Eng. Adriana is tireless in the follow up of the work and very attentive to the details in the works execution, demanding quality and perfection.
The final result, very good, in a rating of 1 to 10, I give 10.
I recommend CRPRO, for those who like me, are demanding and like honesty, seriousness, professionalism and rigour.
So, I have no doubt that the future of this company and these professionals will never be in vain.
A word of gratitude to Eng Victor, Eng. Adriana, and the other collaborators in the several departements."
Carlos Coelho
" We sincerely recommend this company
"We searched through the Internet for a company to renovate our apartment in Guia and we chosen CRPRO. We could not have chosen a better company. Both Ms. Adriana and Mr. Victor are very professional and sincere and have helped us a lot with their ideas and suggestions for the apartment to be perfect. As we could not be there, once we live in Switzerland, we were always briefed on the work in the apartment via mail with attached photos. We have nothing to complain about the work done and we took the opportunity to thank to the whole company since everything was done according to our wishes. If we need some more works it will be this company that we will hire. We sincerely recommend this company for all renovations. We wish everyone a lot of success and prosperity for the company.”
Maria Rosa Flueckiger
Some of our clients